proxy service that will provide your users with clean and anonymous proxies, and give your product additional advertising
Briefly about our advantages

Convenient authorization
Authorization by IP
Testing for everyone
There is a free test
24/7 with an average response time of 30 seconds
Port Replacement
Ability to change ports if necessary
Server Variety
There are server, residential and mobile proxies on sale
All over the world
The above tariffs provide a wide range of GEOs and subnets
We want to collaborate with you
Why is it beneficial to you?
By using our proxies your users will:
Increase the life of their accounts on the platforms they work with
All this is due to the fact that our addresses are clean and not spammed
By starting to cooperate with us, you will receive a series of articles and videos about working with Lalicat, which will give your project a boost
More than 120,000
users who use the service
Over 9500
video views for May
page views on the RU version in May
Over 39,000
Over 193,000
hours of video views in May
More than 15,000
visitors to the RU version in May
Some proof
For those who trust figures and facts
Is it worth implementing an API?
Definitely Yes
As practice shows, many users find it difficult to set up a proxy. API will make their life and nerves easier
Implementing an API will make it easier for users to add a proxy to your service
Buy proxy
Our API is very simple and can be implemented in a few hours
What will you get besides advertising?
We invite you to place us on an affiliate link
We will give you 20% from each referral for LIFE
Our affiliate program is chosen by more than 1200 active partners
Key partners earn more than 100,000 rubles per month with the help of our affiliate program
We will give you a personalized promo code with a good discount for users
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